Threat Intelligence



Tempest’s work starts with assisting our client with clearly identifying the intelligence requirements, which will guide the entire threat intelligence operation, planning, priorities and resource allocation.


Tempest relies on a combination of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence, based on publicly available attack and threat data), HUMINT (Human Intelligence, leveraging presence in underground forums) and TECHINT (Technical Intelligence, based on understanding and dissecting attack tools).


Examples of the outcomes of our work are intelligence reports with industry and trend analysis, weekly situation reports, online web-based portals, urgent ‘flash alerts’ with early warnings of attacks.

Experience and integrity in providing services of cyber intelligence.

Organisations are increasingly rallying around a new approach on how to think about cybersecurity and manage risk. Tempest have started adopting new strategies for defending its client’s networks in 2009. We have based our new strategies on the continuous collection of information from previous attacks, analysing data and building a deep understanding of how our clients’ threat operates. This has enabled us to better predict and protect against future breaches.

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